Timur Ulucak

Timur Ulucak was born in Ankara, Turkiye. After graduation from Middle East Technical University with a degree of B.Sc, he completed his military service  as a liteunant engineer.  He also received M.Sc. degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Yildiz technical University in Istanbul. He has gained 25 years experience in aluminium extrusion, billet casting, anodizing and powder coating of aluminum profiles. 

Timur Ulucak performed as President of QUALANOD, a quality label organization formed by EAA/EWAA and ESTAL for anodized aluminum used for architectural applications between 2000-2003, 2011-2013 and 2015-2017. 

Timur Ulucak is General Manager of Saray Dokum that is specialized in production of aluminium extrusions, anodizing and powder coating in Istanbul. He is also the Chairman of  Surface Finishers' Association AYID in Turkiye, member of The Executive Committee of European Surface Finishers' Associaton ESTAL.   

Tel: +90 212 5504947 - Fax: +90 212 5158100   e-mail: timur.ulucak (at) gmail.com